Victorias Secret, Is Really not so Secret After All


Now I love Victorias Secret just as much as the next girl, but they’re getting a little ridiculous when it comes to advertising. They are now offering a line of bra’s and underwear geared towards teens and pre-teens. First off, am I not the only one who thought that Victorias Secret’s PINK line was already geared towards adolescents? If not, why is it so brightly lit with day glow colors and stacked with those cute little stuffed animal (V.S) dogs? In fact, it’s kind of backwards because when Victorias Secret didn’t specify what audience they were targeting, it seemed way more sincere. In their “Spring Break Must Haves” catalogue, which targets teens with the motto “Bright Young Things,” 20 somethings are spotted wearing subtly sexy bras and underwear, covered by loose fitting tees and sweatpants. Is this not a mirror image of what every Victorias Secret PINK catalogue looks like? It’s crazy how normalized the sexualization of young girls has become. Retail stores including American Eagle Outfitters, Target, Justice (the pre-teen, parent store of Limited Too), and even Walmart, are selling overly padded and leopard printed lingerie for 10- 12 year olds….Just one question…Why? Personally, I’ve seen these items in countless windows while aimlessly walking in the mall, and I just think it’s just disgusting. At the tender age of 10, I remember caring very little about bras, let alone wearing them! Sadly enough, things have drastically changed. We are now living in a world where adolescent girls are constantly surrounded by sexual images of what they should and should not look like. I think Victorias Secret is preying on these young girls who have grown up watching the sugar-coated Disney shows and movies, which starred prominent actresses like Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens (both of whom are in the upcoming film Spring Breakers), to help promote their new line. Spring Breakers showcases Gomez and Hudgens as girls who bare all and do “dirty work” to fund their care free Spring Break. Is this not wrong? Come on Victorias Secret, that’s pretty low!


What do you guys think about Victorias Secret making a teen/preteen line?
What do you think about the Spring Breakers movie in general?


14 thoughts on “Victorias Secret, Is Really not so Secret After All

  1. The tag line implies it all: “Bright Young Things”
    Not young ladies or leaders of tomorrow, but things to be looked at. The value is placed on the frame. If you don’t look like a porn star, there’s something wrong with you. It makes my stomach lurch.

    • Definitely! They’re facing the same problems and expectations as I am, and I’m a college student. If you watch the documentary, Sexy Baby, you can see that this sadly effects not only 10-12 year olds, but 6-7 year olds as well. They dance around to provocative “party” songs that tell them to live free and die young.
      Here’s the trailer:

  2. I wouldn’t have a problem with Victoria Secret making a line that was APPROPRIATE for their age, but the fact that they are making padded stuff and lingerie is ridiculous. Why would a 10 yr-12 yr old need a lingerie set?

    I think this, unfortunately, promotes women’s sexuality as the thing that sells….which should not be the mindset in the younger generations….

    Tisk tisk Victoria….

  3. Logically I know that all of these women are in their twenties, but because most of them became famous when they were young teenagers, it’s hard to accept that they’ve grown-up since then.

    As attractive as some of those women are, that picture at the bottom of this post just feels wrong… like I’ve stumbled into the girl’s locker room at high school and all I can do is avert my eyes out of sheer embarrassment.

    • Especially since the people posing so sexually are former Disney actresses. It makes you feel completely uncomfortable. It definitely encourages the young girls who have been watching them to feel like they should be looking like that as well. I don’t need my little cousin to start dancing inappropriately around the house like Beyonce/Lady GaGa.

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