James Franco: The Great and Powerful

Does anybody else wonder how nice it would be to live a day in the life of James Franco? Not only is he a great actor, writer, producer, and film teacher, but a painter as well. Just this week he was honored a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Come on now, I barely have enough time to make a blog, so someone please tell me how the hell James Franco has so much free time on his hands? When not starring in the latest movies, such as the newly released Oz the Great and Powerful, or the latest Funny or Die videos, James Franco can be found teaching film classes at prestigious colleges such as New York University and Columbia. In addition to teaching, Franco has returned to school several times and claimed three M.F.A’s, Master of Fine Arts, degrees from Columbia, Brooklyn College, and NYU. Like, come on Franco, at least leave your competition their dignity! I wonder what it’s like to be his parents? I mean their son is everywhere, or should I say (sons)? Dave Franco, who starred in the 2012 re-make of the movie 21 Jump Street and the hit television show Scrubs, is just as talented and attractive as his brother. There must be something in that Palo Alto water (where the Franco’s were born and raised). I feel like James’s parents gave birth to him, and after his success, was like “Oh, what the hell? Let’s give this another shot.” Mama Franco is basically birthing millions, go Mama Franco!
But don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always a J-Franco fan. In fact, I thought he was one of those actors who gained their roles simply by being extremely good looking, and nothing else. However, after being swayed by his performances in movies like James Dean, Milk, and 127 hours, I have become a fan of the actor. I mean, how can you not like James Franco? And if your not a fan of his more serious roles, how about his comedic roles in the stoner cult classic, Freaks and Geeks, or Pineapple Express? Regardless of your feelings towards Franco, he’ll continue to be side smiling his way into the box office as his new movie, Oz the Great and Powerful, brings in a whopping $80 Mil Plus!


How do you guys feel about James Franco? Love him, Hate him, or On the fence?
Have you seen OZ yet? If so, What did you think? Yay or Nay?


28 thoughts on “James Franco: The Great and Powerful

  1. I LOVE James Franco! And as I also love “The Wizard of Oz”, I was euphoric when I found out he’s in it! Can’t wait to see it :D!

      • The Spider-man movies :P. That’s where I first saw him and that’s when I first fell for him. And that’s kinda huge for me as I normally never pay attention to the bad guys! And then when I saw “127 Hours”, my respect for him as an actor grew tremendously. What about you? Which one is your favorite?

      • I’m a big James Dean fan, so when he starred in James Dean I was swept away. Not only does he already remind me of the classic actor through his looks, but his mannerisms mirrored James Dean as well. I didn’t enjoy his character in the Spider-man movies as much as the rest of his movies, simply because his character was a snobby rich kid with daddy issues. Nonetheless, I do love those movies overall.

      • Yeah I know… and that’s what I meant; I usually don’t like characters like that… but he made me like his character :P. Mostly because of his looks, but still! I have not seen James Dean. Have to look it up!

  2. Yay on Oz. But I found the strength of the movie was with the 3 actresses who played the witches.
    Kunis is…damn I wanna avoid spoilers, but her character is fantastic and you unexpectedly sympathize with her.
    Weisz is really twisted, and Williams is super charming. Now, Franco also did an amazing job as Oz. The character is such as liar for his own benefit and it wasn’t until the final act that I found Oz likeable which I believe is what Raimi and Franco were going for w/ the film.
    And IMAX is definitely the way to go with this one. Sweet trailers, a 5 minute Jurassic Park Scene, and the special effects of Oz are worthy of the IMAX screen. But if you don’t want to, still go check this one out if you’ve got the time!
    Sam Raimi knows how to make a movie for Theaters regardless of IMAX or Regular theater screens.
    When you do see it, let me know what you thought. Thanks for following my blog!

    • Oh my gosh, I’m even more excited now then I was before! I’ll definitely go to see it in IMAX! I’m not surprised that it was good, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz are great actresses, and I enjoy most of their movies individually! Were the dark parts of the movie with the wicked witch and the monkies scary? I’ll definitely let you know what I think of it once I see it!

      • Yes the monkeys were creepy and frightening with the exception of Oz’s buddy voiced nicely by Zach Braff.
        I think the darkest part of the film is right before the wicked witch appears on screen for the 1st time. Her origin story is sad & the audience is led to feel great sympathy for her despite her decent into madness. It’s definitely the darkest part of the movie.
        Everything else is just interesting & cool to watch on the big screen while you connect the dots to the original classic.
        Lookin forward to hearing what you think!

    • Oh, you mean when he hosted the Academy Awards! Yeah I understand where your coming from, he tends to have more narcisistic moments then the average person has in a year lol. But I mean he’s actor, a very multi-talented one at that, I can’t blame him for that. What actors do you enjoy?

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