Here’s a little slice of reality; beginning April 25th, TSA has announced that small pocket knives, sports equipment, and recreational bats, will be allowed on planes as carry-on luggage. To no surprise, Flight attendants have already expressed their disdain for the new policy. Alongside the Flight attendants, Delta Air Lines‘s CEO has written TSA’s head administrator about his opposition against the policy. Many others, including New York’s Senator, Charles Schumer, has stated that reducing security measures, now, is the opposite of what we should be doing. Not only is it risky, but allowing these items can only lengthen the time it takes to get through security checkpoints….Lightbulb! After April 25th, the TSA screeners will have to measure these items crucially to ensure they meet the requirements: all knives must be foldable, 2.36 in length and an 1/2 inch wide. I can’t believe we’re handing out guidelines for terrorist, I’m pretty sure those are already included in Terrorism for Dummies. We might as well have Will Ferrell hosting a Knife special on QVC, advertising the “perfect plane-sized knives!”


But that’s just my opinion, what do you guys think?


17 thoughts on “KNIVES ON A PLANE?!?!?!?

  1. I’m hysterical over the naivety of America. In the famous words of Gary on TEAM AMERICA…..DURKA DURKA DURKA MUHAMMED JIHAD

  2. Wow. Well. I think I’m for anything Will Ferrell is for. Wait, no– against.

    Just kidding. Knives on a plane is ridiculous. Going from confiscating my tweezers and eye makeup remover to allowing objects we don’t trust small children with in schools? Doesn’t feel very safe. Maybe some kid will protect me with a mouth-crafted poptart.

    • I understand exactly how you feel! I have been stopped countless times at TSA and have been asked to give up my Bath and Body Works lotions! Meanwhile, they want to allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to bring their knives and bats on the plane?!?! Tell me that’s not backwards!

    • Yeah, it’s so frustrating! And it also sucks because whenever your on vacation, ofcourse you want to buy things, and then you have to leave those items behind at TSA because they don’t meet “security standards.”

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