Pope Wars Episode V: (Habemus Papem) A New Pope


The New Pope will be……………………………………………………………………..Pope Francis


Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Argentina). He will reign as the first South American/Non-European Pope. With the Catholic Church having been plagued with scandal for the past couple years, this move can be viewed as strictly political. With South America containing the largest amount of Catholics, the conclave had no choice then to revitalize the Catholic faith with the reigning of the First South American Pope.


What do you guys think? Was this a political decision?

Are you in favor of St. Francis?


10 thoughts on “Pope Wars Episode V: (Habemus Papem) A New Pope

  1. I tend to agree. I think they would have been better served finding a younger Cardinal to lead the Catholic Church forward.

    • A younger Cardinal would have definitely made for more relatable pope. Nonetheless, now that Jorge’s position is completely set in stone, I guess he’s starting to appeal to me more. He has a grandfather- like quality to him.

  2. The South American population of practicing Catholics (meaning they go to church and participate in church activities, instead of just talking about it like USA) is more than double of the USA. Mostly the name only Catholics in USA whine and complain about stuff but don’t do anything. He got the job because they are moving the church, while USA mostly back seat drivers bitching and asking are there yet.

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