If any of you are like me, you’ve probably been wondering what SXSW is and what all the buzz  is about? Well after doing research and checking out the events page, I asked my self aloud, “Why didn’t I know about this sooner?” SXSW, stands for the “South by Southwest festival,” which honors and features films, music, and emerging technologies. The festival itself acts an annual celebration that showcases the talent of filmmakers, musicians, and designers alike. It is chop full of the hottest indie celebs and offer audiences a look into countless films that have yet to be released, alongside musical performances from spectacular artists including Prince. While the entire event takes place in Austin, Texas, several events vary in terms of days and times. This festival is basically the southern regions film equivalent of Coachella! While the Technological Interactive experience took place from March 8-12, the Film and Music portions of the festival are still taking place through the 16th and 17th. Winners of this years film awards have already been announced and the ceremony will take place tonight at the Paramount Theater! As listed by ( here are the Winners:

Narrative Feature
Grand Jury Winner: “Short Term 12,” directed by Deston Cretton
Special Jury Prize For Ensemble Cast: “Burma

Documentary Feature
Grand Jury Winner: “William And The Windmill”
‘Sherlock’: Green light for season 4?

Short Film Jury Awards
Narrative Short: “Ellen is Leaving,” directed by Michelle Savill
Documentary Short: “SLOMO,” directed by Josh Izenberg
Midnight Short: “The Apocalypse,” directed by Andrew Zuchero
Animated Short: “Oh Willy…,” directed by Emma De Swaef & Marc James Roe
Music Video: “Stamina” by Vitalic, directed by Saman Keshavarz
Texas High School Short: “The Benefactress,” directed by Alina Vega
Chris Harrison’s ‘Bachelor’ finale blog

SXSW Film Design Awards
Excellence in Poster Design: Akiko Stehrenberger, “Kiss of the Damned”
Excellence in Title Design: Pablo González, “Joven & Alocada”

SXSW Special Awards
Chicken & Egg Narrative Woman Director Award: Hannah Fidell, “A Teacher”
Louis Black ‘Lone Star’ Award: Geoff Marslett, “Loves Her Gun”
Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship: Jim Hession


Have any of you guys been to SXSW? If so, is it worth the hype?

Or if you haven’t, do you plan on attending next year?



8 thoughts on “SXSW, WTH?!?!

  1. I haven’t personally been to SXSW, but I work at my college’s radio station and a couple of my friends that work with me are there for spring break. Apparently, a ton of the shows are free and it’s basically indie music heaven. If you’re into the college radio/underground music scene, it’s amazing.

  2. We were there a few years back by accident when we went to a friend’s wedding in Houston. We had been to Houston before so we decide to go to Austin first, check things out, and then go on to Houston. Austin is definitely not like the rest of Texas and the music festival is awesome. If you can go, you should. Good time to visit, not blazing hot.

    • I’m so jealous! I am definitely going to consider it. I haven’t been to Texas at all, and I’m sure the weather is beautiful there right now! That’s awesome that you at least got to check out the scene. Would you ever go back?

      • Yes, we even considered moving to the Austin area because my friend (that we went to the wedding for) was going to move there. He had a piece of property he had purchased. Austin isn’t like the rest of Texas (culture wise). Lots of good music, lots of small towns around Austin to pick from, and the houses are cheap. But then you also have to have A/C and the bugs to deal with.

        Needless to say, we stayed here in Seattle area for a few reasons. We would still like to go back and enjoy it as tourists. Besides everything is more fun as a tourist, right?

        BTW: sorry this is so late in replying. I missed it before today.

      • Haha, your fine, thanks for getting back to me! Austin sounds awesome, I really am going to try and hit up the next festival they have next year! Other than the bugs and the non-stop A/C (which probably has to be on full blast), it seems pretty amazing. But then again, Seattle has its perks too, those cute little coffee houses that are to die for!

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