Carnival’s Sunken Reputation


Carnival has yet again managed to disappoint another set of passengers, 4,300 to be exact. After the emergency generator failed on the Carnival Dream, Carnival was forced to fly all of their passengers back to Florida. The nightmare mirrored the horrid conditions passengers faced on the Carnival Triumph, the power shut off, no passengers were able to leave the ship, and yes, the toilets were out again. Similarly to the Triumph, passengers will be receiving a refund for their trip, as well as 50% off of their next cruise on the Carnival line. But after an experience like this, would you really want to vacation with Carnival again? CNN interviewed several passengers aboard the Dream, one of which stated,” There’s human waste all over the floor in some of the bathrooms and they’re overflowing.” Another passenger reported that “the cruise director is giving passengers very limited information and tons of empty promises.” Really Carnival? How could you afford for this to happen again? Did you not learn anything from the Triumph?


If this situation happened to any of you, would you give Carnival another chance? If so, why?

13 thoughts on “Carnival’s Sunken Reputation

  1. Uhhh, you know usually I’m one for second chances, BUT one thing I wont forgive is a screwed up vacation. Noo No! Thankful they refunded all my money, as they should!

    They need to stop business for awhile and get it together! There’s no way I would do that a second time around!

  2. It sounds like I could get the same experience for $125 by locking myself in the bathroom of a Greyhound bus between Mobile, Ala., and Dallas, Texas. I think I’ll avoid either and just visit the carnival that comes to town each year. The best part is, unless we eat too many elephant ears, our toilets should remain clog-free.

  3. Not a great fan of herding 4,000 people to gorge themselves while the boat is rocking on the water. Doesn’t matter how pretty the paint if the motor ain’t working.

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