Justin Bieber, Stop Monkeying Around!


Okay so has anyone else noticed that the Justin Bieber‘s career is literally spiraling out of  control? It’s like he’s recently committed himself to self sabatage! His publicist, Melissa Victor, is clearly sleeping on the job. Here’s a countdown conveying the many ways the Biebs is truly going Bananas:

 1. The Weed Pics– The weed pics are what launched Justin’s tarnished image and behavior.

2. The Crazed Fans– After the weed pics surfaced, devoted fans began cutting themselves in order for the pop star to quit his new habit. Thus beginning the morbid “#cutforbieber” spree that circled both Facebook and Twitter.

3. The Break Up– After the weed pics surfaced and the his fans began cutting themselves, Selena Gomez knew she had to get out of their relationship. Once the Disney star broke her 1 ½ year relationship with Justin, Justin seemed to lose a good amount of his fan base.

4. Kicked out the Club– The singer was kicked out of Cirque du Soir, a London Club, after refusing to leave rumored girlfriend, Ellapaige Roberts-Clarke (17) and Jaden Smith (14), who were denied access due to being underage.

5. Health Scare– When Justin Bieber tweeted pictures of himself, shirtless, and lying in a hospital bed after collapsing during a concert in London. This misled concern had fans wondering whether to be scared for the singer or excited to see his chiseled body?

6. Paparazzi Fight– Following his health scare, Justin was led by his security team from the hotel he was staying at in London when a paparazzo yelled “F*** off back to America!” This resulted in the 19 year old star hurling himself at the paparazzo and releasing a laundry list of expletives….Classy!

7. Death of a Paparazzo– Not too long after his last stunt with the paparazzi, a Los Angeles paparazzo named Chris Guerra, was struck by a car and killed after trying to nail a picture of the singer smoking weed. The determined paparazzo risked his life to catch a shot of the singer further tainting his image.

8. His Spat with his Neighbor– Justin was prosecuted for “spitting” on his Calabasas neighbor’s face. I guess talking wasn’t enough? Anyways, the neighbor, a father of three, charged the singer with spitting on him and launching a series of threats against him.

9. Going Bananas– Justin Bieber tried to bring his pet Capuchin monkey, named Mally, to Germany. The monkey was later confiscated after Bieber failed to present the documents required to bring the monkey with him. Although this happened weeks ago, the monkey is still being detained in quarantine. Ummmm, animal cruelty? I’m surprised the PETA organization hasn’t attacked the Biebs yet!

10. Late to his Own Concert– Justin Bieber arrived two hours late, yes I said it TWO HOURS LATE, to his concert in Dortmund, Germany. How are you gonna show up two hours late to your own concert? Not only was he extremely tardy, but he failed to explain or apologize for why he showed up late in the first place. Really Biebs? You only have but so many fans left, how are you gonna disappoint those select few?


    Are you a fan of the Biebs? Do you think his behavior over the past couple of months has been odd or semi regular for a celebrity?
Where do you think his career is going from here?

12 thoughts on “Justin Bieber, Stop Monkeying Around!

  1. It’s truly amazing the pressure he and other teen stars face. However, this behavior is about to go down the path of no return. I have a feeling with the amount T. Swift is being exposed to, she will crack at some point too. I hope not, finger’s crossed!

    • It is! I feel like a lot of them haven’t had enough room for personal and emotional growth! I really hope he gets his act and image together, he really needs to retrieve his fanbase. And then with Taylor Swift it’s even worse because she’s been in the public eye since she was 16. Teenagers make mistakes, they need room to grow and sadly teen stars don’t have room to make those mistakes because they’re constantly in the public eye!

      • You’re right. That’s why they call it the “cult of celebrity.” It has nothing to do with the ultimate art that outlives all us people, including the artists.

      • People are just overly fascinated by them. The fact that magazines like US Weekly designate a section to comparing their behavior to “regular people” is ridiculous lol. The headline literally reads: “Stars Are Just Like Us!” Followed by a list of banal activities like shopping for groceries and hanging out with their kids!

  2. This is crazy! This is the first time I’ve ever heard any of this, especially with the fans cutting for him! O.o
    Thanks for bringing this to the masses. I still like his music though. LOL 🙂

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