Beach Bums and Television Runs


Firstly, let me apologize for my absence these past couple of weeks. I have truthfully neglected my blog and have regretted it everyday. I am determined to write something new at least once a week this summer, even if it’s something quick and short. Thus, here I go with a list of shows I will be following this highly anticipated Summer:

1. Under the Dome (NEW)

2. True Blood

3. Dexter

4. Falling Skies

5. Save Me (NEW)

6. The Killing

7. Breaking Bad

8. Motive (NEW)

9. Rookie Blue

10. The Bridge (NEW)

11. Mistresses (NEW)




What are you watching this Summer? If you’re interested in any of the shows listed above, please feel free to state your predictions for this season! Also, if you’ve lost track of time and need to catch up on any of these shows, feel free to check out (, it has evvverrryyyyy show I can think of, both new & old!


9 thoughts on “Beach Bums and Television Runs

  1. “Under the Dome” seems interesting, merely by seeing the picture. Love that it airs during the summer while every other series I watch is having a break!

      • No… True Blood isn’t for me I think… I considered watching Falling Skies once but for some reason I decided it wasn’t worth it :?.

        I recently read a book named Neverwhere. Apparently it’s based on a BBC series with the same name. Have you seen it? It’s pretty old I think.

      • You should definitely give Falling Skies another chance, it’s an excellent series! I haven’t seen or heard of Neverwhere but I’m sure it’s good from what your saying. The only BBC series I’ve seen is Sherlock (which I just started watching because one of my followers suggested it!).

      • Ok maybe I’ll give Falling Skies another chance if I find the time this summer… but only if there’s more than one season (or at least planning to be)! I’m sick of watching awesome series only to discover that they only have one season :(.

      • “Under the Dome”. I love it so far… REALLY hope they can keep it up the rest of the season. Is there only going to be one season?

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