Beach Bums and Television Runs


Firstly, let me apologize for my absence these past couple of weeks. I have truthfully neglected my blog and have regretted it everyday. I am determined to write something new at least once a week this summer, even if it’s something quick and short. Thus, here I go with a list of shows I will be following this highly anticipated Summer:

1. Under the Dome (NEW)

2. True Blood

3. Dexter

4. Falling Skies

5. Save Me (NEW)

6. The Killing

7. Breaking Bad

8. Motive (NEW)

9. Rookie Blue

10. The Bridge (NEW)

11. Mistresses (NEW)




What are you watching this Summer? If you’re interested in any of the shows listed above, please feel free to state your predictions for this season! Also, if you’ve lost track of time and need to catch up on any of these shows, feel free to check out (, it has evvverrryyyyy show I can think of, both new & old!

Lainey B’s Guide to Successfully Avoiding Boredom:


Hey, if you’re not being physically active or productive in any way, why not watch hours of good television? Here’s my top list of television shows that are currently on or returning soon:

Fantasy (Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Fairies, Demons, Storybook Characters, etc):
1. Once Upon A Time
2. Vampire Diaries
3. True Blood
4. Supernatural

Epics (Knights, Warriors, etc.)
1. Game of Thrones

Period Pieces
1. Mad Men
2. The Vikings

Government (Conspiracies, Agents, Cops, etc.)
1. Homeland
2. Scandal
3. Elementary
4. Law & Order
5. Golden Boy
6. Southland
7. Blue Bloods

Psycho Killers
1. Hannibal
2. The Following
3. Dexter
4. Bates Motel
5. Criminal Minds

Comical Television
1. The New Girl
2. Modern Family
3. Awkward
4. Girls

Uncategorized Others
1. Revenge
2. Revolution
3. Duck Dynasty

Do you watch any of these? Excited for the next seasons? If not, what shows are your guilty pleasures?

NiElSoN, Your No “Son-of-Mine”


Ever wonder whose in control of tracking the view counts on your television? Have you questioned who or what exactly determines the fate of your favorite television shows? Well, I’m gonna tell you all about it! The fate of all your guilty pleasures is inevitably sealed by Nielson. Nielson, the world’s leading audience measurement company, was established in 1936 by Arthur C. Nielson. Nielson is responsible for tracking more than 40% of the world’s viewing behavior, from your home Television sets and computers, to your handheld PDA’s. Through their technology, Nielson is able to pinpoint and track who you are, what your watching, and when your watching it. Does anyone else find that the least bit creepy? (**Big Brother **) But anyway, the company rates the view count of television shows and other programs, through tracking Local People Meters. Judging by all of the great shows I’ve watched that have been cancelled, I don’t think these people are the best to go by. Like what happened to Flash Forward, V, Heroes, or even 90’s cult classics like My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks? These “Local People” must not be watching the right shows! Based on these Local People Meters, reality television shows sadly continue to strive, while excellently written and politically relevant shows continue to plunge. I honestly think that the Nielson’s viewing data is inaccurate, seeing as how they fail to track DVR recordings. Hardly anyone I know watches television shows at the exact time they air, people either record them and watch them later, or watch them on a program sharing site like Hulu. I don’t know about you all but I’m just tired of the good television shows being cancelled due to defective and out of date consumer tracking company’s like Nielson.





How do you guys feel about Nielson’s tracking method? Does it accurately depict the “top” shows on television?

What are some of your favorite television shows that have been cancelled?

Introducing an Entertainment Blog with a bit of Flair


Hey everyone & Welcome to my Blog! My name is Lainey B., I am a college student who simply loves, loves, loves discussing anything and everything Entertainment! You name it: Music, Movies, Television, and Everyday things; I’ll cover it all! So please feel free to comment and feel free express your inner most thoughts about the everyday “happenings” in the World ❤