Snowmageddon (2014): Georgia’s State of Embarassment



Call the Navy, call the National Guard because Georgia just declared a state of emergency for two inches of snow! That’s right, two inches of snow! While the tri-state continues to face the aftermath of the polar vortex, which granted them 8-9 inches of snow, Georgia has been crippled by snow no higher than your average Cherry Chapstick. Hundreds of students sleeping in schools, people lounging in grocery and convenient stores, cars piling up on the highways and interstates…someone please tell me this is a joke? Forget a state of emergency, this is a state of embarrassment. As I’ve been sitting in my Atlanta home, listening to the Mayor Kasim Reed and Governor Nathan Deal deflect the blame onto the meteorologist, all I can do is sit back and laugh as they make up excuses and point fingers like 4 year olds. Having promised Georgia’s citizens that there wouldn’t be a repeat of the events that followed the Snowstorm of 2011, the two have definitely seen a decrease in approval ratings between yesterday and today. Frustrated and concerned parents flooded to Georgia schools to collect their children. At this hour 2,000 students remain in Fulton county schools, 400 in Atlanta Public schools, and 480 in Marietta. 3,200 flights have been cancelled! It is completely ridiculous that it takes so little to paralyze a major city like Atlanta. Several cars remain on the interstate. Questions continue to arise about tow truck companies making profit from this horrible situation (some charging upwards of 140 dollars). People breaking in and looting countless cars on the roads and interstates. Can Georgia please get themselves together and make a plan so that this situation will not have a three-peat?




6 thoughts on “Snowmageddon (2014): Georgia’s State of Embarassment

  1. Great article!!! As a resident of Georgia for 20 years, I have never seen utter confusion and misjudgement from the local and state authorities. Yesterday, a usual drive home that would normally take 10 minutes took three hours due to other commuters trying to rush home and avoid the major highways that were already crowded with stranded motorists. The City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia could have done so much better by mandating the cancelling of classes and the shutting down of highways and businesses. This weather event was much worse than three years ago and it’s a shame because the city was promised a change back then.

  2. This crazy situation also happened where I live (in Marseille, France), a couple of years ago, just because the city can’t deal with snow ! Different continents but same ridiculous problems ! Thanks for the follow !

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